Who we are

We look after a sustainable development where companies, entrepreneurs and organisations are at the service of society and its environment, and not the other way around.

A sustainable business world that respects and contributes to improving society and its environment.


Guide organisations in the transition to sustainability and circular economy by (re)designing business models and improving processes in order to achieve a positive overall impact (economic, social and environmental) .

  • Integrity - honesty and consistency.
  • Commitment - agreements and professionalism.
  • Respect - for people and the natural environment.
  • Creativity- expressing, giving opinions, devising, debating, acting, ... different.
  • Motivation - feeling that triggers action.



Ariadna Benet i Mònico

Senior Sustainable Development consultant, expert in strategic planning for Sustainability, Social Corporate Responsability and Circular Economy.

Committed to social and environmental justice and convinced that the predominant socioeconomic model contributes enormously to global poverty and inequality, I work perseveringly for a global change. With this mission I have developed projects in countries as different as Papua New Guinea, Lithuania, Sierra Leone, Morroco,....

Degree and PhD in Sciences. MSc in Environment and Development.

I have co-published two books, one of which was awarded for its innovative nature and agent of change:

Associate consultants

Anna Buxaderas

Anna Buxaderas

Senior sustainability consultant and independent adviser to the Consumer Goods Forum.

Specialised in quality, social responsibility and environmental management systems. Convinced that a better world is possible and necessary, I facilitate the integration of sustainability into the strategy, decision-making and improvement processes in all kinds of organisations through benchmarking, consultancy, auditing and training. BSc and MBA.

Sergi Rovira

Sergi Rovira

Assessor sènior especialitzat en els àmbits d’estratègia organitzativa i la sostenibilitat ambiental.

Compta amb una llarga experiència en la implementació dels acords internacionals (Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, ODS) i la gestió de projectes per la transformació socioeconòmica de nous models com l'economia circular. Llicenciat en Ciències.


Serena Maso

Graphic designer. Graduated in design, art and illustration. Creative and versatile, she has defined the visual and corporate identity of AdNSostenible.

Aida Àngel Basela

Degree in Audiovisual Communication, Electronic Engineering and Technical Telecomunications Engineering (image and sound). Master inCommunity Mànager and training in strategic marketing.

Ramon Bella

Degree in Chemistry and MSc in industrial safety and environment. Specilizing in waste and water management, and optimization and reduction of industrial costs.

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