We collaborate in the biocanteens project

After thinking a lot about the actual agri-food system of the city and the direct implications it has on the citizenship, Gavà city council decided to desing the Sustainable, Accessible and Healthy Food Strategy in order to improve it. One of the points in it’s action plan is the implication in the BioCanteens project, which objective is to guarantee a sustainable supply of local products to the school menus. This initiative, that is already ongoing in other countries, is possible thanks to URBACT learning and exchange European program.

After contactus, AdNS is contribuating in this project by defining a diagnosis of the sales channels of the Parc Agrari of Baix Llobregat. In other words, we studied the local agricultural production from Baix Llobregat in order to determine wether it would be enough to supply food to al the schools from the county, and if the farmers would be interested on it.

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