We collaborate in the biocanteens project

After thinking a lot about the actual agri-food system of the city and the direct implications it has on the citizenship, Gavà city council decided to desing the Sustainable, Accessible and Healthy Food Strategy in order to improve it. One of the points in it’s action plan is the implication in the BioCanteens project, which […]

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Circular economy at Reig Jofré

In July we started the project to integrate the circular economy in the pharmaceutical company ReigJofré. The project is funded by the Catalan Government. Reig Jofré’s work team participated in three face-to-face sessions and a virtual one during which they worked on the scope and tools of the circular economy, and were able to identify […]

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Altinco already has a plan to adapt to climate change!

We worked together with Altinco to assess the possible impact of climate change on its business operations and markets. We adapted the business risk analysis methodology. Both, the Climate Plan for Climate Change adaptation and mitigation will help Altinco improve its resilience to climate risks by preventing the most significant impacts on its facilities and […]

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Climate change adaptation

As published in the 2020 World Economic Forum report, Climate Change is nowadays one of the most important risks for people, businesses and the planet. The rise on temperatures, sea level and inclement storms and droughts cannot be underestimated. The most recent forecasts say that in the near future the entire Mediterranean Basin will be […]

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Responsible and intelligent tourism of the future

In the last quarter of 2020, we were working with the Catalan Government to develop a proposal for the “Catalonia Strategy for Sustainable Tourism” which would have to be validated by the different actors in the sector. The proposal has been the result of an prior analysis of the risks and opportunities of the tourism […]

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Working with



We develop a materiality analysis: for a more sustainable fabric.

Reig Jofre

We analize circular economy inclusion in the company through joint work sessions and we calculate their Total Net Impact.




We suport the transittion of the company towards sustainability.

We advise on the definition of minimum requirements for social responsibility standards within the Sustainable Supply Chain Iniciative (SSCI) program.


We make a materiality analysis of the company.



We realize a sustainability managment course based in circular economy.

We researched how to use waste and create new circular business models.

We participate in the development of a methodology for the design of green businesses, and in the training of trainers in the MENA region.

We analyzed the inclusion of Circular Economy in the company through joint work sessions. We also calculated its Total Net Impact.




We design sostainability memories for the company.

We analyzed Altinco’s vulnerability to Climate Change and looked for adaptation and mitigation measures.



We work with the biocanteens project in order to develop a diagnosis of the sales chanels of the Parc Agrari del Baix Llobregat.

We provide a comparative analysis of tools and indicators on human rights risks associated to migrant workers.

We defined the Strategy of Catalonia for a sustainable tourism 2020-2050 through work sessions with the General Direction of Tourism.

We advise different social responsibility standards for compliance with the requirements of the Global Social Compliance Program (GSCP).

We carried out the diagnosis study: for a circular local business in the city of Barcelona.


We defined an action plan towards sustainability, and new circular business models.

Provided training on Business sustainability.

Provided support in the deffinition of environmental, social and government impact indicators for service providers.

We established the criteria to introduce the SDG in the City Council’s strategic planning.

We established the criteria to introduce the SDG in the City Council’s strategic planning.

Defined and facilitated workshops on Circular Economy.


Definition of the workflow to develop an investment prioritization model with Sustainable Development criteria.



We collaborate in research projects.

Provide support int he preparation of Circular Economy studies, and Sustainability reports and strategies.

Provide support in different projects on supply chain sustainability and circular economy.

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