Climate change adaptation
Adaptació al canvi climàtic

As published in the 2020 World Economic Forum report, Climate Change is nowadays one of the most important risks for people, businesses and the planet.

The rise on temperatures, sea level and inclement storms and droughts cannot be underestimated. The most recent forecasts say that in the near future the entire Mediterranean Basin will be severely affected by climate threats.

At AdNSostenible we are working with Altinco, a company in the agricultural sector, to analyse the threats that Climate Change poses to its business operations and markets. We do this through a project funded by Acció (the Catalan Government).

The goal is to find strategies to improve Altinco’s resilience to Climate Change, by either reducing its risk or taking advantage of arising opportunities. To do so, we adapted the business risk analysis methodology.

Circular economy, clean energy and the opening of new markets are the strategies we found for adaptation.

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